Greyphin Website Development

laptop with code on screen

Close your eyes and imagine it’s 1996. Mother’s everywhere are trampling sales clerks in an attempt to get the last Tickle Me Elmo, the Spice Girls have their first number 1 hit, and your best source of advertising is the phone book.

Times were tough back then. I mean think about it, people actually depended on the phone book for advertising.

Fortunately for you, there are more advertising tools today than ever. Unfortunately for you, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know what tools you should advertise with. But don’t worry. Today we’re going to discuss a tool that, when used properly, will be more useful than all of the other tools combined. This milkshake, will bring all of the boys to the yard.

Before we reveal our super powerful and robust advertising tool (It’s a website. I’m sure you’ve already figured that out. Just act surprised when we reveal it), let’s establish a basic understanding of consumer psychology. Nearly every time a person encounters a problem that can potentially be solved with a purchase, they engage this five step process.

  1. The consumer realizes they have a problem. 
    • “Holy cow. I own a business, and I need to pay bills. But, I need money to pay my bills. Oh man! I need to sell stuff to make money, but I’ve got to let people know I have stuff to sell or they’ll buy from someone else instead of me. I’m freakin’ out here man! What do I do?! I’ve got a real problem.” 
  2. The consumer searches the internet for information about how to solve their problem.
    • “Ya know, now that I know I’ve got a problem, I should search for solutions. Don’t ya’ think? I think I’ll search the internet for, ‘How to let people know I have stuff they want to buy.”
  3. The consumer compares multiple solutions.
    • “So, turns out the internet is an amazingly robust business tool. And, it has these things called websites on it. And, each website can be used to funnel customers, who are ready to purchase, my products. And well, I don’t know how to do that. I can’t do website design. But, I found a lot of website development companies on the internet. I think I’ll compare them to each other. 
  4. The consumer makes a decision to purchase. 
    • “I think I’ll go with Greyphin. Their websites are amazing!”
  5. The consumer purchases.
    • “Wow! That was easy. I just purchased a new website.”

Cool. So, now we understand that nearly every consumer goes through a five step process when purchasing a product or service, but what should you do with that information? Great question, and we’ve got a great answer! Create valuable digital information that the consumer will find when searching the internet for a solution to their problem, and store that information on your new and amazing Greyphin website.