Using Google Ads for Your Business

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You’ve heard of Google - you know, that site that pops up when you open your web browser of choice and embark on a journey of searching for a website or information on the great interwebs. Let’s just say it’s almost impossible to live in the modern world and not have at least heard the name Google mentioned in conversation.

According to statistics that we pulled from the mystical realm of digital marketing (okay, maybe we found them on HubSpot, but that sounded a lot cooler), Google is the most popular search engine in the world, accounting for over 70% of search market share. So chances are, when people search for you online, they’re using Google.

We know you’re thinking “That’s cool and all, but why do I care about this number?” If you’re a business owner or a person who is trying to bring a target audience to your website, then you should care more about Google than you may already think you do.

Using Google Ads for Your Business

Now that you know how much of a key player that Google is in the digital marketing world, we feel like we need to let you know about the importance of Google advertising for online marketing. The official platform for Google advertising is a program called Google Ads. If you’ve used Google in the past, then you’ve most likely seen an example of Google advertising at work. A Google Ad is an advertisement that appears in SERP when someone searches for keywords or terms that are related to a service or product that you offer.

If your website ranks for certain keywords or phrases, then your Google Ad will pop up in the search results for the person looking for information. That’s why it is important to set up a Google Ads campaign featuring the terms you think that your target audience would search for when in need of a service or product that you offer. This includes using ads and landing page content for those ads that feature high-quality content. 

How Google Ads Works

By now, you should have a little bit of a better understanding of what the Google advertising service Google Ads is all about, but you may be wondering how Google Ads actually works. You see, your business or service is most likely to have a variety of competitors in the area who also rank for the same keywords and who also may be using the Google Ads program. However, Google doesn’t just pick and choose whose ad shows at the top of SERP at willy-nilly; instead, there is a science behind it that focuses on ad relevance and landing page content quality, and more.

Every time someone enters a search phrase into a Google search bar, there is something called an ad auction that takes place faster than the speed of light. In this ad auction, Google Ads uses a score called an Ad Rank to choose the position of your ad or if your ad is eligible to turn up in the search results at all. The Ad Rank score is based off of different factors including:

  • Ad Bid: In your Google Ads campaign you must set an ad bid which tells the Google advertising service how much money you’re able to spend for each click on your ad. This is one of the factors that determines your ad rank. Just be aware that sometimes the amount you end up paying per click is less than the maximum bid you set, but that’s always a good thing. 
  • Quality: Another factor that determines your ad rank is the quality of your ads as well as your website. Google Ads will assess the relevance of your ad text and your website to the search at hand. 
  • Context: When someone executes a search through Google, Google Ads will take a look at the context of the keywords that are being searched for as well as the type of device the person is using, their geographical location, and other pieces of information that help calculate Ad Rank.

We know what you’re thinking - this seems like a lot of work! And it can be a lot of work if you’re not sure what you’re doing. But don’t let yourself stress over Google Ads. That’s what we’re here for!

We have our Google Ads certification and are trained in all the things you need to know in order to make Google Ads a successful tool for your business. So instead of worrying about making a Google Ads account on your own and devoting the time to check your campaign at least once a week, let us pump the iron for you. We know the ins and outs of how to create Google ads with high quality that are tailored to your product or business. So let us set it so you can forget it — all while ranking higher in search engine results pages and gaining more traffic to your website.