Build Brand Awareness with Logo Design

woman designing a logo on a laptop

We all have our favorite brands- from clothing and shoes to fast food and grocery store items, there are things we, as individuals, tend to personally favor over others. Do you have some of your favorite brands in mind? Great. Pause for a moment, close your eyes, and think about these companies you feel loyalty towards. What’s the first thing you thought of?

If you said that you pictured the company’s logo, then we’re on the same page. If not — well, you get the point of what we were trying to convey. The main argument here is that logos are an important tool for marketing as it helps build brand awareness and makes your product or service easily recognizable to consumers. 

The Purpose of Logo Design

A wonderfully designed logo can be an extremely helpful device to help you build your brand. When your company invests in professional logo design, then you’ll notice how your fan base will start associating your company logo with your service or product. Think along the lines of some of the most famous brands out there. When you think of a swoosh, Nike comes to mind. Those simple yet beautiful golden arches? They make you hungry for a McDonald’s meal. The best company logos are the ones that 

A unique, custom logo design will:

  • Garner Attention: In a world where people want instant gratification, logo design is very important. Your company logo design is what will grab the attention of a consumer the fastest, as it’s easy for someone to process. Instead of having to read something explaining that the service or product is provided by your company, your logo will signify that quicker than words. That’s why it’s imperative to create a brand logo as part of your brand awareness strategy. 
  • Create an Identity: Utilizing logo design for your business is key in creating a brand identity. Those with a unique company logo design will appear more professional and trustworthy than brands who forego a graphic design logo. Your logo will also help you make a great first impression and claim authority in your field. It’s imperative to focus on factors such as the colors and fonts you use in your professional logo design as they are useful in helping convey your brand’s story to customers upon first sight. Your logo design should also be something that is memorable and easy to distinguish from other company logo designs. Remember: your logo will be seen by tons of potential customers - whether it’s on your website, business cards, a billboard, on social media, and many other platforms.
  • Stand Out from the Rest: We know one thing’s for sure - you don’t want your business to blend in with the number of competitors in your space. A custom logo design is a must to help you stand out from the crowd. Sure, there may be several other companies in your area offering a similar product or service, but you want to make certain that your logo signifies that you are professional and offer quality service. The design, fonts, and colors you use for your logo can convey different messages. Are you a relaxed, fun company that offers something like paddle board tours? You can make that clear in the design of your logo! Are you a more serious, professional company with legal services? Say that with your logo! 
  • Build Loyalty & Visibility: Once a person finds a brand they like, they tend to stay loyal to it. Your custom logo design will allow consumers to pinpoint your brand in a sea of competitors. Take a second to think about your smartphone. You know those little icons you see on your home screens? Those are carefully thought out professional graphic design logos. When people like you or your target audience swipe through their phones, they aren’t reading a bunch of words, but instead are identifying your service or app by your company logo design. 

At this point, you’re probably thinking that you need a good logo for your company. And you’re right! But hmmm…where to begin? 

Unless you’re a skilled graphic designer, it can be quite difficult to figure out how to design your logo. We’re not expecting you to purchase expensive graphic design software and take the time to watch extensive tutorials on how to use complicated design tools. Instead, we’re extending our hand in an effort to help you successfully grow your brand. 

At Greyphin, we have an awesome team that specializes in logo design that will help your company grow and reach more consumers.

So the question is, will you grab our hand and join us on this magical journey to create a custom logo design for your business? Contact Greyphin today and we’ll help you design your brand logo in a memorable way.