Salty Frye’s

Golf cart


When it comes to golf carts, Salty Frye’s has it all. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or have your golf cart fixed, locals and visitors in North Myrtle Beach, SC should look no further than this family-owned and -operated business. Their goal? To give everyone the coolest beach experience possible while riding in style.


When the owners at Salty Frye’s originally approached us, they had a brilliant idea for a business - renting golf carts to locals and visitors in the North Myrtle Beach area. Although they had a really great idea, their team needed some help on the marketing side of things. Enter stage left, Greyphin. Our goal? We needed to help these friendly folks build a brand, and a user-friendly e-commerce site that made renting a golf cart with Salty Frye’s simple.

Digital marketing services:

E-Commerce Website Design and Development
Logo Design
Seo Services


In addition to coming up with Salty Frye’s business name and logo, Greyphin’s SEO and web design team huddled, developed a strategic plan, and created an aesthetically pleasing website that focused on user experience and good vibes. With search engine optimization, branding, and professional web design, the Salty Frye’s website continues to bring in tons of new leads and golf cart reservations from happy vacationers.

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