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Drafting Marketplace is an online platform that allows glazing contractors to easily find reliable drafters for jobs. This tool makes project uploads, bidding, communication, and payment easy so that drafters and glazing contractors can be more productive.

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When our team was approached by a professional drafter with a groundbreaking idea, we knew that this was an opportunity to create something totally awesome. The idea behind Drafting Marketplace was formed due to the frustration from the disorganization and antiquated ways of the glazing industry. However, this platform was designed with both the glazing contractors and drafters of the future in mind - bringing all aspects of project collaboration to one centralized place.

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When Drafting Marketplace launched in October 2022, it piqued the interest of hundreds of drafters and glazing contractors alike. Since then, our platform has facilitated several successful projects and continues to garner attraction from big industry players such as the National Glass Association.

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