Episode 14

Mobile Sites and Online Sales

SEO Snap Episode 14 Transcript:

“By 2021, mobile is predicted to dominate online sales, driving 54% in sales.”

“While domination might be a strong term, it does appear that mobile-first websites drive more sales than traditional websites.”

“But what exactly is a mobile-first site? Well, it’s exactly that; it’s a website that was designed for a mobile device before it was designed for a desktop device.”

“This ensures that your website will look good and perform well on a mobile device.”

“And, if your website looks good and performs well on a mobile device, then you have a chance of wining over the 57% of consumers that said that they wouldn’t recommend a business if they had a poorly designed mobile website.”

“And, if you have a chance of getting those consumers, then you have the chance of getting the 221 million mobile phone search users from episode 12,”

“and if you get those guys, well, then you’re also going to get a ton of money in your pocket. And that’s really what you’re doing, right? You’re trying to make more money? Yeah, okay. ”

“SEO Snap!”