Episode 3

Image Optimization

SEO Snap Episode 3 Transcript:

“Did you know that SEO also encompasses the images on your website? So keep that in mind when you decide to put that random photo of you and your grandkids on the homepage.”

“Image SEO refers to one component of on-page search engine optimization, also known as image optimization. When optimizing an image, your main focus should be on all elements of the graphic - including the file name, the file size, and even where the image is placed on your website.” 

 “One of the major components of image SEO is something called an image title. An image title is what appears when you hover your mouse over an image on your site. The text included in your image should use keywords you’re trying to rank for on that page.”

“Another key tool for image optimization is called an alt-tag, which is a description of the image that appears when a photo doesn’t load or if a person has images turned off in their web browser. Alt-tags are also used for accessibility purposes when a person is using a screen reader. Google places extra importance on the alt-tags that you use on your site, because the alt-tag describes what the image is doing and how it relates to the content on the page.”

“So what have we learned today? That’s right - don’t put pictures of your grandkids on your homepage. Seriously, though, use the proper image tags and titles if you want to rank better than your competition.”