Episode 5

Blogs & SEO

SEO Snap Episode 5 Transcript:

“Hi. Adding a blog to your website can increase your chance of ranking in search engines by 434%.”

“434%... That’s a big deal.”

“You know how people told you you wouldn’t find a job when you were an english major in college…”

“Well, I guess they didn’t know anything about SEO.”

“Copywriters who write blog posts for your website utilize keywords in the copy they create.”

“This is content marketing at its core.”

“But, hold on,I know what you’re thinking, ‘Great! I’m gonna’ go write a blog about the 2 weeks I spent in Borneo back in 1976.’”

“Well, let me stop you there.”

“Professional copywriters do extensive keyword research related to a relevant topic for your website before they craft a post. They also use target keyword or keywords in page titles and meta descriptions, and so on, so the post on your website has a better chance of ranking higher in the SERPs.”

“So, before you head down memory lane, remember your trip to Borneo might not be the most SEO appropriate and industry relevant topic to write about.”

“If you’re interested in professional copywriting and SEO services, give the professionals at Greyphin a call.”

“SEO Snap!”