Episode 4

Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages

SEO Snap Episode 4 Transcript:

“Hacky SEO tactics aren’t enough to get you found anymore. Search engine algorithms can smell that a mile away.”

“Search engines have gotten great at filtering content based on user intent and the value provided by that content. That means that your content has to work for both the user and the search engine.”

“But, how do you do that?”

“Well, it’s easy. You basically create an authoritative and comprehensive page on a topic. Then create a series of pages on related sub-topics that will all tie back to the original page. Easy, right? Yeah. That’s called a Pillar Page."

“The point is that your site can establish itself as an authoritative source of information on a topic that your audience finds valuable. And in doing so, you’ll create a great user experience. And if you have a great user experience, then the user will enjoy it and will come back more often. And if they come back more often and you’re selling something, well, they’re probably going to buy it.”

“So, Far Out and Inbound.”