Episode 3

Inbound Marketing Content Strategy

SEO Snap Episode 3 Transcript:

“Content is King”

“Valuable content is what your audience is looking for. They want content that helps them move forward in life and conquer their obstacles. But knowing how to provide the right content... at the right time... for the right audience takes some planning.”

“Your long-term content strategy should seek to do just that.”

“In order to do so, you need to map out all content to your buyer personas and their needs at every stage of the buyer’s journey. What blog posts will they get the most value out of when they’re in the awareness stage? What social posts will they appreciate in the consideration stage? What offers are they likely to respond to when making a decision?”

“Answering these questions requires a deep understanding of your buyers. So really get to know your personas so you can create a winning content strategy."

“Far out and inbound”