Episode 2

Foundations of Inbound Marketing

SEO Snap Episode 2 Transcript:

“The foundations of inbound marketing are: Contacts, Buyer Personas, Buyer’s Journey, Content, and Setting Goals. There are 5.”

“Your contacts are the real people you’re engaging with, and their online behavior is the best resource you have for determining how to engage and delight your audience.”

“Buyer Personas are a semi-functional representation of your ideal customer, based on real customer data and some educated speculation about demographic and psychographic information. This is how you know who you’re targeting. It’s how you know you’re targeting the right person. It’s how you know why you’re targeting. It’s how you know what they’re really looking for.”

“The buyer’s journey is the research process someone goes through leading up to a purchase and it consists of 3 stages. Now 5 from the beginning and 3 now, that equals 8! The three stages are: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.”

“As a marketer, it’s your job to provide meaningful content to buyers in each of these stages.”

“Content is the real stuff you’re creating for your audience. But it can’t just be any content. It must be relevant to your Buyer Personas.”

“And finally, you’ve got to set meaningful marketing goals so you know if you’ve been successful. Typically this will be measured in traffic, leads, and conversions.”

“Far out and inbound.”