Episode 6

Conversational Growth Strategy

SEO Snap Episode 6 Transcript:

“Today’s buyers don’t want to be talked at. They want to be engaged in.  Conversation, that is.”

“Businesses need to be prepared to have those conversations with buyers across the various channels that buyers like to use, whether that’s over email, on social media, or a chat feature directly on your website.”

“These conversations provide value to your users, but also to your business as you learn more about each buyer and what it is that’s important to them.”

“So how can you use conversations as a part of your growth strategy? Well, think about the conversations that help you build the strongest relationships with your buyers.”

“Each conversation should meet the following criteria:” 

“One. It should be repeatable  -  based on frequent questions or concerns that the users have. That is a great place to start.”

“Two. It should be predictable, meaning, it should start, and have a middle, and have an end when appropriate.”

“And three, most importantly, it should be impactful. It should add tangible value to your business, ideally, moving the user down the funnel in some way. Usually to the point of a purchase.”

“If an interaction meets these criteria, then it’s a great candidate for a systematic conversation.”

“Far Out and Inbound.”