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Digital Marketing Weekly: Issue 69

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10 Zoom Backgrounds HubSpotters Love

Don't want people to see the pile of "ready to be folded" laundry behind you in your next Zoom call? This is your solution. Well, your solution that doesn't require folding.

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Understand Market Penetration and How to Create a Strategy

Everyone wants their business to grow. This seems pretty intuitive considering effective and successful growth means your business is experiencing boosts in revenue, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and more...

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What Is Product Classification, and Why It Matters for Your Marketing Efforts

There are four types of product classification. Let's dive into each type, so you can determine where your product falls in the list.

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Which Format Is Right for Your Next Blog Post

I'm going to break down some of the most popular blog post types and formats to help you determine which one is right for the blog idea you've got milling around in that head of yours.

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3 Chat Automation Tools That Accelerate Sales Growth

It’s important for businesses to find opportunities that maintain or grow revenue, as well as operate cost-efficiently given the new normal in U.S. consumer and B2B demand.

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