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Digital Marketing Weekly: Issue 64

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The 5 Key Components of a Killer Customer Marketing Strategy

Let's take a more thorough look at what customer marketing is and a picture of the five key elements of a successful customer-driven marketing strategy.

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Live Social Selling Drives Revenues Up 20% Month After Month At Pink Coconut Boutique

At a time consumers are deprived of their usual social interactions, it’s bonds forged digitally that are increasing sales 20% month after month for one apparel retailer.

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How Video Consumption is Changing in 2020 [New Research]

Each day, we stream our favorite shows, watch explainer videos on YouTube to learn something new, or follow events, Q&As, and interviews via live video.

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Page Speed Optimization: Metrics, Tools, and How to Improve

Page speed has always been a crucial part of SEO work, and as more companies make the shift to online operations, optimization becomes more important than ever.

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4 Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Work

In the past few months, remote teams and virtual meetings have taken center stage as businesses determine a better way to work through the crisis and beyond.

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