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Digital Marketing Weekly: Issue 61

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Testing

Having the numbers to back up a marketing strategy is almost as important as the strategy itself.

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Why Consumers Sub and Unsub from Email [New Data]

In HubSpot's 2020 State of Marketing Report, roughly 80% of marketers said their brand's email engagement had improved in the last year.

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Are You Open to Opposing Viewpoints? 3 Tips for Improving Critical Thinking.

The ability to change one’s mind when confronted with new evidence or information — or better yet, the willingness to actively seek out opposing viewpoints — is an important quality needed to be successful in both business and in life.

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Where and How Often Do Consumers Watch Live Video?

By 2027, the live video market is expected to surpass $184 billion. And brands are taking notice.

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How Your Company Can Have a Positive Social Impact

Foster change. Start where you are. Turn swords into plowshares. 

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