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Digital Marketing Weekly Issue 59

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

When you do it right, you build an authentic relationship with your viewers and community at large.

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20 Mobile Apps to Create Stunning Social Media Visuals

Whether you want to tell your story through spacial photography, animated videos, or multi-image posts — you'll find an app here that will help you take your content to the next level.

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Brand Monitoring 101: Tips & Tools for Tracking What People Think of You

Brand monitoring is the act of looking out for mentions and discussions of your brand. That goes for all forms of media: from Twitter to TV spots to sassy bumper stickers.

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8 Google Shopping Ad Strategies That'll Drive Sales

In this post, we'll review how to structure your Google shopping campaign and the top strategies that'll drive sales.

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What's Localized Content & When Should You Use it

For businesses to grow in today's climate, marketers must think about their content and strategies on a global scale.

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