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Digital Marketing Weekly Issue 58

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Can You Really Drive Traffic With Clickbait Articles?

Last week, my favorite fitness YouTuber, Sydney Cummings, posted a video with a title that left me absolutely devastated.

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Optimize or Advertise?

Comparing organic vs. paid social media.

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How to go Live on Twitter to Connect With Your Followers

Are you ready to go live on Twitter to level up your Twitter marketing tactics? If you are already getting good results from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn live video, Twitter live broadcasts should be your next stop.

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Facebook Automation Tools, Software, and Tips to Save You Time

There are a lot of things humans are better at than robots: Threading a needle. Roller skating. Kissing (for now). But in certain instances, technology has us beat. Take Facebook automation tools and software, for example.

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What is Content Curation in Social Media?

Content curation in social media is the premise that you don’t actually have to write or produce all of the content that you publish.

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