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Digital Marketing Weekly Issue 50

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How 8 Brands Use Instagram Story Swipe Ups

Instagram is one of the most widely-used platforms for marketing efforts, but only 21% of marketers are seeing a return on investment from their Instagram strategy. Why?

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How to Communicate With Your Customers During the COVID-19 Crisis

The worldwide panic of coronavirus is leaving big and small brands wondering what happens next and the best way to communicate with customers. Here are a few ways to win your customers’ trust during these crazy times.

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How to Use YouTube Live to Engage Your Audience: A Step-by-Step Guide

YouTube Live transforms online video into an interactive experience. With more than 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, live streams are a way to stand out from the crowd. And draw a crowd.

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5 Surprising Ways to Optimize Websites With Video

As video continues its steady climb to dominance in the world of content marketing, the appeal of a video-first marketing strategy has become increasingly evident.

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Facebook Messenger Etiquette for Brands: 10 Things NOT to Do

If you’re not using Facebook Messenger to engage customers and prospects, you’re missing out. Two-thirds of customers prefer to use messaging apps to connect with brands. 

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