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Digital Marketing Weekly Issue 49

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11 Social Media Changes to Make in a Coronavirus World

Coronavirus has changed just about everything, but you still need to connect to your customers, prospects, partners, and team members. And now more than ever, social media may be the best way to do so.

Rona's Got Nothin' on Me
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10 Top Instagram Tools to Stand Out During Quarantine

There are two strategies you can pursue right now: 1. Retreat and play defense with all the uncertainty surrounding the economy and world, or 2. Go on the offense, control your brand’s narrative and push more content. Personally, I’m choosing the offense.

I'm A Pro-Gramer
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The 5 Goals to Consider When Creating a Marketing Strategy

According to an industry survey of more than 3,200 marketers, those who set goals were 376% more likely to report success than those who didn't.

I'm not buying it
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25 Tools and Ideas for Brainstorming in a Remote World

Self-isolation doesn’t sound like the optimal environment for collaborative brainstorming. Yet, that’s where many content marketers find themselves today.

Can we screen hug?
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Personalization in Digital Marketing: What It Is and How to Make It Happen

Personalization seems to be one of the hottest buzzwords in the marketing world at the moment. However, not many people know how to do it effectively. Naturally, there’s a lot of confusion around this concept.

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