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Digital Marketing Weekly Issue 48

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How to Open an Online Business

The world's changing. Don't get left behind. 

Yaaas! Please
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Why and How to Bring Empathy Into Your Content

Creating content can feel incredibly difficult right now. If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last few weeks oscillating between a can-do approach and hours of staring into space. Here’s how to tap into those very real emotions and channel them into more impactful content.

Empathy? Who's that? 
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What is Banner Blindness? How Can You Avoid It?

I don't purposely ignore ads, I just want to get to my content faster. What I'm participating in — by mentally blocking out this banner ad — is called banner blindness, and may be a reason why your banner ads are underperforming.

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What Readers Want During COVID-19: Content IDEAS for Every Niche

This is a stressful time to say the least. Everything is impacted by COVID-19 in some way, including our work.

TIger King who?
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Podcast Statistics for 2020 - Charts and Data (ooh and ahh)

Podcast awareness and listening continue to rise in the United States, driven by an explosion in new podcast programming, and consumer adoption of “smart speakers” like Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.