Coastal Adaptive Sports, Because Every Athlete Needs a Team

I know you’ve got a lot to do. You’re busy. You’ve probably even got a toothbrush at work for those days when you just barely got your kids to school on time. I get it. I got a stomach bug last year and thought it was the best vacation I’d ever had. We’ve got more demands on our lives than ever. With a loud world, comes confusion. With confusion, comes chaos. And, with chaos… comes exhaustion. There are so many inputs vying for our attention that it’s difficult to tell where to spend it. Everyone has a company. Everyone has a cause… And, everything wants your attention.

Take a break. Go play. And, make a difference.

Coastal Adaptive Sports, with the help of Adaptive Surf Project, is changing the world. For real. In the last year they’ve established the first adaptive beach in Cartagena, provided a venue and adaptive sports equipment for athletes of all abilities to play wheelchair basketball, taken six adaptive surfers and their support teams to San Diego to compete in the ISA National Surfing Championship, provided weekly chances to go cycling, and hosted 10 adaptive surfing camps. These guys have adaptive sports and recreation on lockdown, and they’re just friends hanging out. Seriously, no one’s paid. It’s not charity, it’s friendship, and it’s amazing to be a part of.

Greyphin’s proud to announce the launch of

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