Purdy Schools + Greyphin = Success

A screenshot of the homepage of the purdy schools website, featuring a hero photo of a young caucasian girl wearing a green and blue plaid long sleeve shirt sitting at a desk holding a pen to paper, resting her one arm on a stack of books.

Purdy Schools, of Purdy Missouri, are taking a tech based and proactive approach toward filling their halls with students that are eager to learn and accomplished teachers that are ready to support them. Dr. Chancellor, superintendent, and his excellent team understand the world is full of technological solutions to problems that may not exist yet. Furthermore, they recognize every student needs to have leading technologies incorporated into their everyday learning environments if the students going to succeed. This is why Dr. Chancellor and his team have decided to move forward with a new Greyphin website that will showcase how they’re handling the educational challenges this ever changing world has to offer. So, please welcome Purdy Schools to the Greyphin Client Phamily!