Holy Awesomesauce Batman! Look Who's Got a New Website. Palmettoscapes!


Does your backyard look like it belongs on the set of the Shining? Is it so scary that even your dog won't go out at night. Well, maybe it's time to get that hideous monstrosity under control. Seriously. If alligators can't be bothered to play in your pond, in coastal South Carolina, you've got some real issues. Caleb Wiggins and his adept team of Palmettoscapers are ready to help you conquer that lawn. Be terrified no longer. Throw that quinceañera without worrying about losing your children in the corn. Palmettoscapes has been making backyards beautiful for the better part of a decade, and they've never met a landscaping problem they didn't have a solution for. Oh, and did I mention we just launched their new website? Check 'em out at PalmettoscapesLandscapeSupply.com.