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A close up photo of the top of a red propane tank with the background blurred.

Digital Marketing for Propane Companies

Learn about how the digital marketing services from Greyphin can help propane companies be found easier through search engine optimization.

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A close up of a tablet with an analytics dashboard being displayed

What’s a Bounce Rate?

So we’ve taught you about SEO, but what exactly is a bounce rate? Learn about bounce rates in this week’s blog inspired by episode 6 of our web series, SEO Snap!

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A close up of a person with long hair operating a laptop that has a blog pulled up on the screen. The person, who is mostly off camera, also has a latte on the table.

How Blogs Can Help with Search Engine Optimization

Learn about how blogs can help the search engine optimization for your website on, well, Greyphin’s blog!

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A laptop sitting on a desk. The screen features the image of a website link icon.

Link Up with Backlinks to Help Your Website Gain Authority

The SEO experts at Greyphin are about to drop some knowledge on you about the importance of backlinks and how they can help increase your websites authority score.

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A person sitting in front of a laptop - you can only see their arms and hands - looking at a website with photos on it. The person is sitting at a desk and the background is blurred.

Learn about Optimizing Images from the SEO Pros at Greyphin

Visit our blog to earn more about SEO and how optimizing images on your site is important from the SEO pros at Greyphin!

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The word “keywords” is spelled out in wooden Scrabble letter blocks, laid on top of blank wooden Scrabble blocks on a yellow background.

Greyphin SEO: What are Keywords?

So we’ve told you about search engine optimization in our last blog post, but in this post Greyphin explains the concept behind keywords.

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A laptop with a search engine optimization software screen visible, sitting on top of a couch with a slightly blurred background.

Greyphin SEO Services: What is Search Engine Optimization?

Here at Greyphin, we offer professional SEO services - but what exactly is search engine optimization? Find out here!

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The image is rectangular with a white keyboard cut off in the top left corner, a white smart phon cut off in the bottom left corner, and the words Digital Marketing spelled out in scrabble tiles in the middle all up against a white background.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

Looking to grow your business? Check out How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency such as Greyphin.

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A photo of a professional Nikon DSLR camera that is on a strap and resting on a person's hip.

Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Website

Don’t have an eye for photography? Greyphin will make your site look its very best with work from a professional photographer on our team.

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A fawn pug is sitting at a dining table with a mug next to it. In the background are cabinets set up against a white wall with a large floral design on it.

Find The Perfect Home, For You & Your Pet

Greyphin client Cathy Honeycutt Real Estate will help you find the perfect home for you and your pet in the North Myrtle Beach area.

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