Find The Perfect Home, For You & Your Pet

Stylish man and woman sitting on outdoor couch holding their dog and warm drinks.

Moving to a new home is the 7th most stressful event in life, according to Thrive Global. When I moved my family to South Carolina, it certainly felt overwhelming. It was tough. How can you find the right home, especially if you don’t know the area? There were all sorts of questions swirling through my mind. Which schools are best? Where do we need to live to get into the those schools? Is there an HOA? Will the HOA let me have my dog? Is there a realtor that understands that our dog is part of our family? Are there dog parks close by? Where’s the closest pet hospital? Where will we want to live once we meet people and develop relationships? How do we know if we’re making the right choice?

Fortunately, we quickly met some helpful people who lead us to the right realtor, and we were able to purchase our home before it even went on the market. We love our house, and quite honestly, it’s the first place I’ve ever felt at home. Unfortunately, there are tons of people who haven’t been so lucky.

Whether you’re looking for beach front condos for sale in South Carolina, homes for sale in Heather Lakes Little River,  or have no idea where you want to live, Cathy Honeycutt’s got you covered. She’s got a her finger on the pulse in the area, and she’s passionate about animals. In fact, she’s so passionate about animals that she wanted Greyphin to design her website so that other pet lovers looking for a home could use it as a repository of resources. And, that’s exactly what we did.

Oh, and by the way, when I asked Cathy how she helped her clients know they were making the right decision she said, “When you find a home where your pet’s as happy as your are, you’ll know you made the right choice.”

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Coastal Adaptive Sports, Because Every Athlete Needs a Team

I know you’ve got a lot to do. You’re busy. You’ve probably even got a toothbrush at work for those days when you just barely got your kids to school on time. I get it. I got a stomach bug last year and thought it was the best vacation I’d ever had. We’ve got more demands on our lives than ever. With a loud world, comes confusion. With confusion, comes chaos. And, with chaos… comes exhaustion. There are so many inputs vying for our attention that it’s difficult to tell where to spend it. Everyone has a company. Everyone has a cause… And, everything wants your attention.

Take a break. Go play. And, make a difference.

Coastal Adaptive Sports, with the help of Adaptive Surf Project, is changing the world. For real. In the last year they’ve established the first adaptive beach in Cartagena, provided a venue and adaptive sports equipment for athletes of all abilities to play wheelchair basketball, taken six adaptive surfers and their support teams to San Diego to compete in the ISA National Surfing Championship, provided weekly chances to go cycling, and hosted 10 adaptive surfing camps. These guys have adaptive sports and recreation on lockdown, and they’re just friends hanging out. Seriously, no one’s paid. It’s not charity, it’s friendship, and it’s amazing to be a part of.

Greyphin’s proud to announce the launch of

Carolina Family Dental Brings Style to The Internet

Carolina Family Dental Website Image

There are a ton of North Myrtle Beach dental offices, but there’s only one Carolina Family Dental. Doctors Davis and Landino have built a prodigious dental practice. While they provide their patients with comprehensive dental care, they specialize in cosmetic dentistry. They understand the connection between looking good, feeling good, and doing good. And, they use that understanding to transform their patients lives by transforming their smiles.

When we sat down with Dr. Davis to discuss this dental website project, we asked him why a dentist in the Myrtle Beach area needs a website. He let us know that no matter how great of a job he and his team do, they still need people to be able to find them online. Furthermore, they wanted to have the best dental clinic website in the area to reflect the quality of care they provide their patients. So with style, quality, and SEO in mind, the designers at Greyphin set out to build Carolina Family Dental the best dental clinic website in the state of South Carolina.

We’re proud to announce the launch of Carolina Family Dental’s new website, Take a look and let them know how much you like what you see.

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